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My name is Myron Kimble-Marvel LMT, M.S.

The purpose of my work is to help you better connect with your internal capacity to heal and gain a deeper understanding of your body and how it functions. Throughout my many years of clinical intervention, I have come to realize that people are fundamentally stronger and more resilient than we generally believe ourselves to be. It is the constancy of stress and the unrelenting demands of our modern world that habitually distract us from our own basic needs.
My goal is to help where I can by combining well-studied, evidence based therapeutic techniques with traditional wellness methods from around the world to help soothe the body and promote deep and lasting health benefits.
I practice as both a state-licensed massage therapist and clinical herbalist with a strong background in integrative healthcare. Originally graduating from the College of William and Mary in 2010 with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, I went on to pursue education as a bodyworker from Baltimore School of Massage in 2014 and worked as teaching assistant there for several years. Soon after, I studied western herbs at Maryland University of Integrative Health and received a M.S. in Therapeutic Clinical Herbalism in 2018.
Using a range of perspectives and techniques, I work to tailor the session to fit your specific goals. The root of my practice is full integration of cultural awareness and personal sensitivity into every session. During my services, clients are encouraged to actively participate in focused relaxation: the art of mindful awareness of tension and acceptance of release. After the session, clients are often given "homework" to continue the healing process in between appointments. My clients and I become partners in re-training their bodies and minds to work with them: not against them.
Personally, I aim to promote a deeper understanding for my clients of what integrative medicine, phyto-therapeutics, and functional movement look like in a modern, biomedically focused, world. My goal is to emphasize how people can safely and productively introduce herbal practice and mindfulness into their daily lives without promoting an anti-medical narrative.

Health and wellness are spectra that require nuance and careful consideration to allow for the best outcome. Herbs, massage, and other integrative therapies all require appropriate clinical differentiation and methodological understandings of the uniqueness of each situation in order to be effective. Using my many years of clinical bodywork experience, traditional herbal knowledge, and up-to-date evidenced-based research on safety and efficacy, I strive to make the ‘medicine of the people’ accessible for all those who seek me out.

If you want to be your own best advocate, choose to care for yourself, want more for yourself, and love how you feel.

Please book an appointment today!

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