Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions related ot the COVID-19 crisis and the resumption of in-person service options.

As this is an ever evolving situation, please check back regularly as the CDC updates us on the status of the virus. To all my clients, current and future, please stay safe and healthy.

*All plans and protocols are contingent on government regulation and CDC guidelines regarding the safety of resuming in-person operations. If further spikes in cases create a renewed need for quarantine measures, services are subject to rescheduling or cancellation.

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you taking my temperature?

  • The virus that causes Covid-19 is highly infectious and can cause deadly symptoms in many vulnerable individuals. While asymptomatic cases do exist and are a cause for concern, the most common symptoms of infection include a fever, unexplained cough, muscle weakness, and fatigue. Though not definitive by any means, temperature taking and symptom checking are helpful tools to determine if the session can safely proceed or to tell you if you might need to seek treatment and testing.


What do you mean by COVID specific agreements?

  • Because of the risks involved in participating in an activity (massage) that requires skin to skin contact (i.e. closer than 6 ft.), it is imperative that clients are honest and up front about their risk factor for being infected or exposed to infection within the last 2-14 days. Withholding information about possible infection could cost one of my clients or loved ones their lives. Therefore, I am mandating that you sign an intake (or update your intake if you are a current client) stating that you will inform me honestly of your quarantine practices, testing history, new or worsening symptoms, or intent to be tested to protect the health and safety of everyone with whom I come in contact.


Is massage even safe right now?

  • It is important to note that any procedure done during this pandemic carries an increased likelihood of transmission or infection. Especially in the current stage of this disease, where there is no vaccine or effective treatment available, we are all taking a risk when we interact with people outside of our household unit. If you desire to pursue massage therapy or any other in-person service, please exercise your due diligence and take the vital pre-cautionary measures. We all have families and loved ones that we want to protect. If you are feeling sick, stay home or go to seek emergency service. If you have been compromised through a recent action or exposure, self-quarantine. Wash your hands accordingly and do not touch them to your nose, mouth, or eyes. If we all do our part to mitigate the spread of this virus, we may be able to see a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

What about Herbs?

  • All in person services carry a risk. Herbal consultations in person are no different. While there is the ability to distance the prerequisite 6 feet, meaning that face shields and aprons should not have to be used, many of the normal social distancing rules for in person meetings must still apply.  


Why am I required to wear a mask during my service?

  • Though transmission risk can never totally be zero, face masks have been clinically proven to significantly lower the likelihood of person to person spread of the SARS-2 Coronavirus. The extra fabric traps moisture particles from your breath that may contain traces of the virus. In order to protect myself, my family, and other clients from possible infection, it is required that you wear a facial covering, even while receiving your service.


What are you, the practitioner, doing to protect my safety?

  • Because this virus can be so easily transmitted, I have put in place the following safety and sanitation measures for bodywork services:


  1. I will be using a face shield as an additional barrier between my face and your own. It will be sanitized between each and every client. Additionally I will be wearing a wipeable apron to limit the contact of my work clothes with my clients' bodies.

  2. Both the client and myself will always be wearing a face mask to prevent and minimize airborne particle spray.​

  3. While lying supine (face-up) there will be an additional plexi-glass shield put in place to provide you with an added layer of protection while I do neck and shoulder work.

  4. As per FSMTB (Federation of State Massage Therapy Board) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidlines, there will be no facial work performed for the extent of the coronavirus pandemic.

  5. In between clients, all linens will be removed from the room and sanitized in an appropriate manner. The table, face cradle, and all surfaces will be wiped down with a sanitizing solution and prime touch points exposed to a UV-C sanitation light for your added protection. Each client receives fully sanitized set of linens, including the blanket (modesty) layer.

  6. An air filtration device, with specialized filters, will be on throughout the session to help promote the clean steady flow of air as recommended by the CDC and WHO (World Health Organization).

  7.  Extra hand-washing will be practiced by me and promoted for every client. Hand sanitizer will be available in the treatment room and upon exiting the house for added peace of mind. 

  8. Bottled water will be provided to minimize the possibility of cross-contamination. Please feel free to bring your own water to the service if you feel more comfortable.

  9. I will be abiding fully by all FSMTB guidelines regarding work hygiene and sanitation practices. 


Should I Pre-Pay?

  • Prepayment will now be the preferred option. This can be done online via the Massagebook platform. 

  • If you are an existing client, simply pay when you book the appointment. You can even add gratuity in advance. 

  • If you are a new client, please contact me with your appointment request. When I add the booking, you will receive an email asking you to fill out the intake paperwork online. From there you should be able to create a login associated with the email you provided. Any appointments that you have scheduled, you should be able to modify and add prepayment at that point.

  • In the inevitable event that you mistakenly forget to pre-pay online, do not worry as I will still be able to process payments in person, but pre-paying will cut down on the amount of unnecessary risk posed by the handling of cards and money.