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* First time clients: Please call or click the following button and use the message function here to contact me for an appointment. Online booking is currently only available for returning customers.

* Returning Clients: Click the Book Now buttons below and login to your Massagebook account to schedule an appointment!

*Please review the full service list as there are sometimes updates about the services being offered.

Back Massage

60 Minute Custom Massage


A customized 60 minute full body massage, utilizing an integrative variety of techniques and modalities to help you relax, de-stress, and reset your mind and body. 

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90 Minute Custom Massage


A 90 minute full body massage, allowing some extra time to focus in on specific areas of concern while still providing time for the rest of the body. 

Pressure Point Massage

2 Hour Custom Massage


A 120 minute session, using a variety of techniques and modalities, that provides the optimal time to focus on specific areas of concern and as well ensuring plenty of additional time to incorporate a thoroughly relaxing full body massage. 

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Warm Herbal Compress Massage

90 min/$160

120 min/$210

*Available as either a 90 minute or 2 hour service.

Deeply therapeutic and relaxing, a heated pack of specially selected herbs is used as a massage tool to facilitate muscle release, ease tension, and revitalize the senses. The various herbs used for this service are tied in a traditional Thai 'poultice' bundle style known as "Luk Pra Kob" and warmed to release their volatile oils and medicinal components. The pack is pressed, kneaded, and rolled onto tense areas and traditional meridian pathways to help increase circulation, range of motion, and soothe away soreness.

*Please indicate through the add-on function which herbal compress you would prefer.


Integrative Cupping Massage

90 min/$150

120 min/$200

*Available as either a 90 minute or 2 hour service.

This therapeutic practice uses negative pressure to lift, open and expand the body’s soft tissues. It can help to increase circulation, release connective tissues, and to remove stagnation from areas where healing has been delayed. Commonly used by competitive athletes, patients in recovery for acute injury, chronic condition sufferers, and for people seeking a general health tonic, different cupping techniques can be applied for a wide array of concerns. The deeply stimulative effects can vastly increase the overall benefits of a massage session. 

Black Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage


Smooth stones are heated, lubricated with oil, and then used as a deeply soothing tool to massage the body. The deep yet gentle effleurage strokes of this massage, combined with the radiant heat of the stones, ensures a restful and restorative experience.  This service lasts for 90 minutes.

Natural Herbs

Herb Consult (Intensive Intake)


This 90 minute herb specific service is an in-depth probe into your herbal goals. This session will give you the foundational tools to safely and wisely integrate plant-based healing into your daily life, a better alternative to shuffling blindly down a rabbit hole of supplements and fad solutions. After building a complete profile of personal needs, health history, energetics, tastes, and habits we work together to structure a herb specific support protocol that is tailored to you.

Homemade Remedies

Herb Consult
(Basic Questions & Follow-Up)

30 min/$50

60 min/$100 

A 30 or 60 minute session designed to offer insight into the safe and appropriate use of herbal products you might have encountered on the market or to provide further insight into a specific herbal protocol that we have previously established based on an Intensive Intake session. We will use the time to review and explore new information, current progress, and emergent concerns to make sure that you have the greatest amount of success from using plant medicine.


Massage & Herb Consult

90 min/$155

120 min/$195

150 min/$245

180 min/ $285

A customized 60, 90, or 120 minute full body massage, integrating a variety of techniques to help you relax, de-stress, and reset your mind and body plus an additional 30 or 60 minutes* of consult time in order to build a composite description of your health history and form integrative therapy intentions from both a massage and herbal therapy perspective or, if you are returning combination client, provide longer follow-up time from prior visits.


*Upgrade Services (Cupping, Warm Compress, etc.) are available for Add-On upon booking. Pricing will vary.*


Auriculo-Seeding (*Service Add-On*)


Auriculotherapy Seeding is a  non-invasive technique during which seeds of the Vaccaria plant are temporarily adhered to specific points located on the external ear. Via the gentle pressure exerted by the seeds on these sites, a client can receive a number of health benefits. This technique has been used to help with anxiety, depression, addiction cravings, and numerous other conditions with notable documented success. The practice is a great way for people to introduce themselves to the benefits of acupressure without taking the needle plunge. This service can be booked as an add-on when you schedule any regular massage, herbal consultation, or Total Fusion bodywork session.

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