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Regarding COVID-19 Isolation Measures (Coronavirus Update)

Hello everyone,

Myron here, your friendly neighborhood herbalist/bodyworker. While I am still available for in-person services during this stressful time, I want to emphasize: that if you have symptoms of the virus, have travelled recently, or you are a person in a high risk group for this virus, please stay safe and stay at home to limit your risk of exposure or exposing others.

No matter which location (Pasadena, Glen Burnie, or Columbia) you use to see me, if you have concerns or questions about herbal medicine during this time, I will be able and willing to see you via video conference (using the Doxy Telemedicine platform) throughout the duration of this pandemic in order to promote social distancing. For a limited time, I will be offering shorter 60 minute individual sessions (again, available via web services) to discuss the efficacy of basic immune boosting, anti-viral, respiratory support herbs in the face of COVID-19 and, also, what herbal/basic public health measures are specifically appropriate for you and your family.

As to my massage clients that may feel unsafe venturing out for bodywork for a number of specific reasons, I am also willing to offer 15 minute video conferencing to check in about stress management and self-care practices between now and the next time you are able to get on my table.

Please stay safe and stay smart. With a little wisdom, compassion, and decency, we can all start to see the daylight at the end of the long dark tunnel.

Please use the following links below to book a session:

*After you book the appointment, I will use your email or cell number to send you a link to the telemedicine platform on the day of your service to sign-in and be seen.

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